This IPO Could Be the Next Amazon

This is probably the most exciting and explosive e-commerce company in the world right now…

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CNBC recently released its 2020 Disruptor 50 list, which comprises the top 50 private companies in the world that are positioned to become the next class of multi-billion dollar giants. Landing the No. 2 spot on CNBC’s Disruptor 50 list was Coupang, a $9 billion e-commerce company widely considered the “Amazon of South Korea.” Its placement on the list has many asking the question: Should I invest in Coupang?

Rumors are swirling that this innovative, hyper-growth e-commerce giant will IPO sometime in 2021. For public investors, that’s exciting, because it gives us the chance to invest in Coupang, which is arguably the most explosive e-commerce company in the world today with huge upside potential in the long run.

Coupang’s valuation currently sits around $9 billion. The company will likely IPO at a higher valuation, maybe around $20 billion or more. Long-term, though, this is a $50+ billion company in the making.

As such, this is an upcoming IPO worth watching. As soon as investors get a chance to invest in Coupang, I’d take advantage of that opportunity.

Here’s a deeper look.

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Electric cars are taking over

Dear Reader,

You simply have to see this

A new type of battery is pushing everything we thought we knew about energy storage to the limits.

According to automotive insiders, consumers will soon be able to go 1,000 miles on a single charge.

Think about that for a moment…

That’s nearly TRIPLE the distance of the best-performing electric cars on the market right now — and more than 8 TIMES farther than the average electric car…

Best-performing electric cars on the market

That means you could drive from New York City all the way down to Daytona Beach, Florida, without stopping!

From NY to FL

A 1,000-mile range clobbers even the most fuel-efficient gas vehicles on the road today!

In short, this tech is about to change EVERYTHING.

When you see this live-action demo, you’ll understand why.

Here’s the best part:

At the heart of this new technology is one company — 1/1,000th the size of GM.

If you want to get in on the electric car revolution, this is easily the best way to do it.

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Matt McCall
Senior Investment Strategist, InvestorPlace

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