This Forgotten Market Will Keep Booming

One market just hit a 30-year high, and is still booming – but you won’t hear about anywhere else…

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Markets have been breaking out around the globe – even ones that most U.S. investors ignore…

The big catalyst was the positive vaccine news we've seen in recent weeks. We now have not one, but two potential vaccines with a 95% efficacy rate in early testing. And on Monday, trial results came out for a third candidate, too.

A successful vaccine would give us the first hope of a post-pandemic world. It would be a huge win to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and help strengthen our economic recovery.

Simply put, this means we could actually – finally – start getting back to normal. And that's exactly what the investment world – and everyone else – wants to hear.

As the rally kicked off in global markets, one stood out among the rest…

Japanese stocks recently hit their highest level in roughly 30 years. This is an often-forgotten market. But you don't want to forget about it today.

The recent breakout is a big one. And based on the momentum alone, history shows more outperformance is on the way.

Let me explain…

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