This Coming Megatrend Will Dwarf Cannabis, Bitcoin, and 5G Combined

You may want to have your broker on speed dial as you’re reading this…

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“Gordon Moore called it better than anyone else, and he’s going to make you very, very rich.”

Normally, the gruff voice behind such a statement would float over to me from the desk next to me.

But, things aren’t too normal these days, and Christian DeHaemer’s excited tone was carried over from his home office via webcam.

And whenever my pre-COVID cubicle cellmate here at the office starts off like that, I know it’s time to listen… and make some money.

Now, we don’t always see eye to eye on everything. In fact, we’ve had some downright shouting matches over some topics that broached our investment horizon –– but I knew right away that he hit the nail on the head.

As you hear Chris out, you may want to have your broker on speed dial.

Yes, I’m talking about THAT kind of potential staring right at us.

Moore’s Law Drives This Megatrend’s Profits

Don’t feel too bad if you don’t know who Dr. Gordon Moore is, but you might want to take a look at an Intel stock chart.

About 55 years ago, Gordon Moore published an article in Electronics Magazine and made quite an interesting prediction.

You see, Dr. Moore noticed something unusual back in 1965. He saw that microchip capacity was essentially doubling every two years.

In his article, he pointed out that computer technology was becoming ingrained in the world in which he lived:

Integrated electronics is established today. Its techniques are almost mandatory for new military systems, since the reliability, size, and weight required by some of them is achievable only with integration.

Keep in mind that he made this statement a full four years before Neil Armstrong took a stroll on the moon.

Specifically, his prediction in 1965 was that within 10 years, a microchip would have approximately 65,000 components, effectively doubling the number of transistor density each year.

That makes sense considering his now-famous paper was titled, “Cramming More Components Onto Integrated Circuits.”

Today, it’s known as Moore’s Law.

Not only was his ominous vision accurate, but the integration of computer technology into every facet of our society since publishing his paper has also been nothing short of extraordinary.

Think about it…

In 1971, Intel’s 4004 processor had roughly 2,300 transistors.

Last summer, one artificial intelligence company named Cerebras Systems unveiled a semiconductor chip with 1.2 TRILLION transistors and 400,000 cores.

Trust me, you’re going to want to listen to Chris DeHaemer on this one.

As an investor, all you need to do is make the trend work for you.

And if you can see where Chris is going, then you’re already ahead of this megatrend.

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