This Basket of Foreign Stocks Could Rally 24%

These stocks are about to surge…

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Not all foreign markets are equal…

Some are like China… integral to the global economy. But some are like Venezuela… plagued with issues that keep it from being worth a real investment look.

Regardless, most U.S. investors don't spend as much time thinking about investing overseas as they should. And that's especially true today – because one basket of foreign stocks should be on your “can't ignore” list.

It's a group of stocks from the next “up and coming” markets. And this basket of stocks is breaking out to new highs now.

History shows that we could expect strong outperformance from here… including the potential for a 24% gain over the next year.

Let me explain…

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Stocks soaring… but still can't beat THIS

Dear Reader,

Investors enjoyed a spectacular Santa Rally to end 2019.

Since December 1st, stocks are melting up, marching higher and setting new records repeatedly.

But as the Nasdaq hovers around 9,000 for the first time ever…

And the DOW approaches 30,000…

One long-ignored asset is soaring even higher than stocks.

My colleague, hard-asset expert Bill Shaw predicted this dramatic move higher in 2019…

And he's now convinced we're in the beginning stages of an historic bull market for ONE asset largely ignored by institutional investors and Wall Street.

As this bull market takes off, he expects Wall Street's biggest investors to jump in with both feet.

The widely-followed analyst has put together all the details to explain why this brand-new bull market could be an even bigger opportunity than the melt up in stocks over the next 12 months.

For right now, you can find out which long-ignored asset is beating the market…

And see Shaw's favorite $7 way to play it in 2020 – by clicking right here.


Brian Mansfield
Senior Researcher, Stansberry Research
Delivering world-class financial research since 1999

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