This AI Stock is Already in Over 300 Million Vehicles

AI is in cars already, and you could be profiting today…

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Only a few short years ago, most people had never imagined having a digital assistant in their home to answer questions, play music, or even order products online for them.

Now, more then 200 million smart speakers have been sold with 147 million units sold globally in 2019 based on data from Strategy Analytics. That's a 70% growth rate over 2018.

Most major tech companies sell one, including Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod, and Google Home. Truly amazing for an industry that started less than a decade ago.

Now with AI-based virtual assistants becoming more mainstream, they are moving out of the house and off the phone to a new frontier.

Your car.

And that's turning into the next tech avenue lined with profit potential, especially for the AI stock I'm about to show you…

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