The Top 4 Dividend Stocks of 2021

Dividend stocks should be the cornerstone of the everyday investor’s portfolio.

Why? They have less risk and  higher returns than non-dividend stocks, all while paying you no matter what the stock is doing!

A recent study even showed a full 90% of the market’s returns are from dividends.

It’s no wonder why these stocks have outperformed the broad market by 222% over the past 60 years.

And while this could take an everyday investor’s portfolio to the next level, if you weed out the middling dividend stocks, you could see gains even higher.

Fortunately, we have compiled a list of 4 high-yield dividend stocks to buy and hold forever.

Our first is a company that has increased its dividend so high and so fast that in just eight years with dividends reinvested, a $5,000 investment started paying out $13,335 every single year to investors.

That’s more than double your initial investment, paid back to you every year.

Our second is even better, with that same $5,000 investment paying out $59,995 in annual dividends… and that’s just after three years.

Already, you can see why these should dominate the average investors portfolio… but it doesn't stop there…

Our third would take that $5k investment, and after just 5 years, it would have paid a staggering $75,340 in dividends annually.

This is what we call “passive income”, and it’s very much real….

 Which brings us to our last stock, and it’s something we have never seen the likes of before… a safe, extremely high-yield 8% dividend stock which is our top recommendation of 2021, and likely beyond.

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