The Stocks Soaring in Reddit’s War on Wall Street

GameStop isn’t the only heavily shorted stock soaring…

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The unexpected upheaval of GameStop (NYSE:GME) stock has shined a new light on the dangers (and potential profits) of short selling. Though these companies are often under-loved by institutional and regular investors alike, a small number of fans can cause a “short squeeze,” a phenomenon where rising stock prices force short-sellers out of their positions.

This year, the top 33 most shorted companies have averaged a 142% combined return, easily beating the 2.5% of the broader market. With retail investors seeking their next short squeeze target, here are the most shorted companies in the U.S. right now… Story continues here.


Guess Who's Going Bankrupt

If you thought the store closures and bankruptcies in 2020 were surprising… you haven't seen anything yet.

Something much bigger is just around the corner.

Few Americans even know that any of this is happening…

Those who do know don't have a clue what to do about it, or how to prepare for what's next.

If you're worried about this situation and its implications for American society, I strongly urge you to listen to this message.

Which dominoes are the next to fall and what can you do to prepare?

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Louis Navellier
Senior Quantitative Analyst, InvestorPlace