The “New-Normal Tech” Stocks Set to Soar

After Covid, these tech stocks will rule the roost…

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What do each of the following small American cities have in common?

Kingston, New York.

Concord, North Carolina.

Nampa, Idaho.

Lewisburg, Tennessee.

Butte, Montana.

Aspen, Colorado.

They’re all “Zoom towns,” defined as housing markets that are suddenly booming from a steady influx of teleworkers (“zoomies”).

Zoomies are impressively opportunistic people…

As telework is quickly becoming the societal norm, they’ve decided to trade noise, pollution, crime, mostly peaceful protests, budget shortfalls, vandalism of public property and statues, the homeless crisis and clueless lawmakers for quaint little municipalities with an abundance of nature and scenic vistas.

Who can blame them?

It’s all part of America’s transformative shift that I predicted way back in April, saying…

“In the wake of COVID-19, social distancing and mass quarantines… America will never be the same. We literally just witnessed the deconstruction of the old America… But the promise of a New America is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. And if capital is deployed with great precision, I believe [investors] will be rewarded with exponential returns.”

With technology stocks leading the charge, Zoom Video Communications Inc. (ZM) is up 155% since those prescient words published.

Yet the biggest (unofficial) winners in Future Wealth’s model portfolio — my flagship newsletter that covers technology and futurism — have been three artificial intelligence (AI) stocks, which are collectively up over 1,000%.

They’re up for legitimate reasons, too… Story continues here.


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