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Have you ever wondered how the super wealthy make all that money? I mean, how do you start with so little and end up with hundreds of billions of dollars?

Sure, it’s obvious how a few of them did it. People like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates leapfrogged to that kind of wealth. They created companies that went public and dominated the industry, and they’re billionaires because of it.

But what about the people whose names aren’t all over corporate presentations? What buzzworthy company did Ray Dalio, who's worth $18.4 billion, found? How about Carl Icahn, who's worth $17.4 billion?

The truth is they didn’t found any companies. They made all that money through wise investments in companies other people started.

And many of the people who make the global billionaires list have a similar tale to tell. They didn’t start some tech company that completely disrupted an industry but rather saw those companies were going to change the world. So, they invested in the team that was going to bring them to market before the companies went public…

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