The Market’s Huge Friday Reversal Creates New Profit Opportunities

Friday’s good news could set you up for profits tomorrow…

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Traders and investors, expecting more bad news from the monthly jobs report, woke up to a huge surprise on Friday morning.

Instead of reporting a loss of even more jobs, it was revealed that 2.5 million jobs were actually added in May!

As I’m sure most of you saw, the market had an absolute field day with the good news.

With most stocks climbing so steeply, there are some great trades being set up for next week. In today’s market update, I’ll give you a trading strategy to take advantage of the market’s recent euphoria.

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Top Cannabis investor is revealing his 2020 strategy at the American Cannabis Summit.

He's backed some of the most successful startups in the world – investing in companies like Dropbox and Pinterest long before they became the giants they are today.

But even with those billion-dollar companies in Joe Montana's portfolio…

He says the cannabis industry has as much potential than anything he's seen in a while.

It is a great time for investing in the cannabis industry,” he said. “The possibilities to get in on the ground floor of some great companies is very exciting for everyone.

However, Joe is careful to say the normal rules of investing don't apply to the cannabis market.

You can't use those old-fashioned metrics analysts tend to lean on. You need a different process.

Joe wants to make sure Americans have all the information and tools they need to make smart investment decisions.

That's why he recently took part in the The 2020 American Cannabis Summit.

The summit is a gathering of the industry's top experts where they'll reveal the market's best wealth-building opportunities.

And Joe will even go over a unique formula for finding startups.

This online-only event is a must-watch for anyone who has ever considered investing in cannabis.

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