The Dollar in Your Pocket Could Soon Be Worthless

Something disturbing is happening to America.

A new IMF currency — already in circulation — could instantly bring the U.S. dollar's 70-year reign to a screeching halt…

And bring sweeping changes to the American way of life.

The Federal Reserve already holds $36 billion of this new currency.

World leaders and central banks are calling for it to be the new world reserve currency.

What's worse is this currency devalues the U.S. dollar by 31%.

The dollar in your pocket, your home, your savings, your retirement account could soon drop in value.

It could have dire implications for the average American family.

Imagine how bad things are for Americans during this pandemic…

And how worse it could get when all you’ve worked for gets devalued in the months ahead.

So why is practically no one talking about this alarming development in our monetary system?

And how can you prepare?

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Nick Giambruno,
Senior Analyst, The Casey Report