The DOJ Can’t Stop Google

This antitrust lawsuit is peanuts…

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Google is getting sued by the Department of Justice (DOJ).

The suit was filed this week — one of the biggest antitrust cases in decades.

And you can see why Google’s monopoly has come under fire…

My phone runs on the Android operating system, which is owned by Google. When I want to head somewhere, I tap Google Maps. If I wanted to download a different app, I’d open the Google Play Store.

The list goes on… My family and I catch up through Gmail… My husband and I share premium Google Play and YouTube subscriptions (YouTube is, of course, owned by Google).

And before you think that we’re Google fanatics, remember that Android is actually the most popular smartphone OS in the world. Google Maps dominates the mobile map market with a 66% market share as of 2018, according to Statista. And YouTube had nearly 2 billion active users that year.

That’s billion with a “B.”

All that seems like an almost ridiculous amount of Google in our everyday lives. Is that why the Department of Justice is going after Google?

Well, it turns out, no…

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Jessica Cohn
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