The Day Trading Craze of the 1990s Is Back – and It Could Sink the Market

The market is starting to look very similar to the 1999 bubble…

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Just when the markets looked so promising to so many investors… reality bites. Hard.

And those hard-bitten investors are freaked out.

Here in the United States, the specter of a second wave of COVID-19 infections is looming large, particularly in states that have been “reopened” for two or three weeks now.

Not only that, but renewed lockdowns are currently underway in Beijing, China, because of a new cluster of cases linked to a seafood market there in the capital. About 90,000 people in 21 communities are shut in as the city government takes “resolute and decisive measures” in “an extraordinary period.”

As unsettling as that is, that's not the biggest market-crashing threat out there right now.

It's much closer to home…

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