The Best Penny Stock to Buy Now for 300% Growth

This stock stands to gain the most after last week’s pullback…

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One of the side effects of this year's volatility has been stocks that trade for less than $5 are attracting tons of attention from investors. And one of our best penny stocks to buy now could pop as much as 300%…

The hiccup in the market last week has pushed some great companies to insanely attractive price points. Now that the rebound is setting in, these penny stocks can pop.

All that new volume is pushing many of these smaller stocks above that $5 cutoff line for penny stocks. When that happens, many of them attract institutional buyers from funds not allowed to own low-priced stocks.

That's when we can see some real fireworks for penny stock investors.

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Former trader reveals Wall Street “Cheat Code”

I was your typical millennial back in 2008.

Unemployed and sleeping on my parents’ couch… until I discovered a trading “cheat code” that helped turn me into a millionaire two years later.

I knew there was money to be made in the stock market.

So I studied it every single day… determined to find an edge.

I soon realized that hedge funds and investment banks kept making incredibly large trades that didn’t make any sense! There was no news about the company… or any other reason I could find to make a trade that large. 

But things only really turned around when I discovered a “cheat code” that told me when these trades were being made…

Giving me the chance to take a piece of the profit for myself.

This cheat code helped turn me into a millionaire in just a couple of years.

And since so many people are struggling right now…

I’ve decided it’s finally time to reveal how this code and my strategy work.

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