The Best Big Data Stocks to Buy for 2021

Big Data is a source of great confusion for some investors – so just consider this…

According to data scientists, we now record as much data in a single week as our ancestors did from the dawn of time through the year 2002.

If that doesn't grab you as a massive money-making opportunity, I don't know what will!

Nowadays, companies collect data on everything from the performance of individual machines in factories to the humidity and air temperature in data centers. Closer to home, our FitBits, Apple Watches, and smart thermostats track our health, sleep, nutrition, and preferences – all to make our lives easier and more comfortable.

The problem is, most of this data is wasted. There’s just too darn much for companies to be able to keep up with it, much less interpret and use it effectively.

That’s where “Big Data” comes in – and why smart investors absolutely must be positioned for the 2020s decade.

Big Data is the infrastructure and ability to sift through this flood of information systematically to gain key insights on customers, processes, and virtually anything else you can imagine.

No wonder Forbes calls Big Data “the new oil.” It’s what the modern world runs on.

And its uses are limitless…

This is a generational trend that's taking over the business world. The coronavirus epidemic won't be able to stop it.

Quite the opposite. The outbreak is temporarily making the best Big Data stocks cheaper – giving you an even better entry point, for bigger profit potential!

[Editor's Note: If you're already primed on Big Data and just want the recommendations, click here to skip straight to our #1 Big Data stock for 2021.]

  • Southwest Airlines Co. (NYSE:LUV), for example, is working with NASA to prevent accidents. Together, they scan pilot reports and warnings, communications with air traffic control, and plane control settings to flag problems before they turn serious. [Editor's Note: The COVID-19 pandemic has made airlines a terrible bet. While LUV may look like a bargain right now, we do not recommend it as a buy until the market stabilizes and the future becomes more clear.]
  • Inc. (Nasdaq:AMZN) offers almost every product under the sun – and uses Big Data analysis of everything customers do to recommend exactly what they’re looking for. That’s in large part how Amazon outcompeted other retailers, department stores, and malls.
  • Alphabet Inc.’s Google (Nasdaq:GOOG) uses Big Data to help get you the right search result, along with ads that will interest you – to the tune of $118 billion in revenue in 2018.
  • IBM Corp. (NYSE:IBM) is even using Big Data to analyze thousands of medical journals and lab findings to recommend personalized cancer treatments.

And this is just the beginning.

Four Billion-Dollar Catalysts Will Hit in the Next 12 Months

Investors, take note.

Because Big Data is at the heart of four revolutionary new technologies that are about to radically increase the amount of data we create…

  • 5G
  • The Internet of Things
  • AI
  • Self-driving cars

Fully autonomous vehicles, AI computers that can help treat currently uncurable diseases, and holographic phone calls…

This and more is all about to become possible, thanks to Big Data.

So it’s no wonder that research company Statista estimates that spending on Big Data will grow from $42 billion in 2018 to $103 billion by 2027.

Now here’s where the rubber meets the road for individual investors.

This influx of money into Big Data, the keystone technology that makes 5G, the Internet of Things, AI, even self-driving vehicles possible, is a flat-out amazing opportunity to grow your money.

The almost 500% gain from Amazon and over 160% from Google we’ve seen just in the last five years is nothing.

To be sure you don’t miss out on this killer investment trend – one we believe will dominate your “best profits” list of 2020 – here are four Big Data stocks to look at right now:

Big Data Stock #4:
The Big-Money Consumer Connection

Founded in 1997, Alteryx Inc. (NYSE:AYX) has a head start on most of its Big Data competitors. The company’s platform uses visualizations and other tools to reveal trends in data. This allows everyone to reap the rewards of Big Data, not just data specialists.

Alteryx provides Big Data analysis to companies in all four of the upcoming technologies we discussed above. Vodafone, the fourth-largest mobile phone operator in the world, is a leader in the global rollout of 5G technology, and uses Alteryx’s Big Data product.

As do Johnson Controls and Unilever, at the forefront of the Internet of Things, and car manufacturer Audi, which released the first car capable of handling slower traffic, such as in traffic jams, completely on its own, using the Audi AI system.

With clients like those, it’s a good bet that Alteryx will continue to excel, making it an excellent Big Data investment. And thanks to the coronavirus market downturn, you can buy Alteryx stock at a discount!

Big Data Stock #3:
The Integration Champion

To really get the full benefits of Big Data, companies have to not only sift through all the data they gather. Even more important is combining data from different sources. Since sensors and software are often made by different companies using different standards, this is very difficult without large, dedicated data departments.

Talend S.A. (Nasdaq:TLND) solves this problem with its Talend Data Fabric, which combines information from all kinds of different sources into one, complete view of a company’s data. It also offers services that help companies move from their own expensive and often unreliable servers to the cloud.

With full integration into Amazon’s leading cloud system and a number of earnings beats under its belt, Talend is likely to be a key player – and a great investment – in Big Data.

However, the coronavirus market downturn has raised some questions about some of Talend's accounting, so for now we recommend holding off on this stock. We'll update this as soon as more information is available.

Big Data Stock #2:
The Storage Solution

Now, one of the key challenges with Big Data is simply storing all that information in the first place.

Older software just can’t handle the demands of Big Data or cloud services.

That’s where MongoDB Inc.’s (Nasdaq:MDB) database software comes in. It’s already been downloaded over 40 million times, and the company has over 400 customers in more than 100 countries.

With larger, older database companies such as Oracle Corp. (ORCL) struggling to keep up in the new era of Big Data, MongoDB could be a potential takeover target.

That would mean a nice, instant gain for MongoDB investors. In the meantime, you’d have been enjoying revenues rising every year since the company first went public in 2016. While the coronavirus downturn may impact the company's next earnings negatively in the short run, that will give you a better entry point in their stock.

Big Data Stock #1:
The Little-Known, Most Important Big Data Stock of 2021

But the best Big Data investment you can make may be something completely different than what you might expect. And it deserves a place of its own.

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