The 5G Catalyst for This Stock is Even Stronger Than Before

This under-the-radar tech stock keeps surging as its 5G market share gains accelerate…

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Investors are largely focused on the novel coronavirus. The pandemic has set in motion sweeping societal change and many associated economic trends. However, don’t lose sight of the other key developments. While everything else has taken a backseat to the pandemic for now, astute investors can still cash in as technology progresses.

For example, while it’s not the leading story at the moment, day by day, the global 5G dream is becoming a reality. And as I’ll show you, Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC) stock is riding in the sweet spot of this boom.

The company is a 5G powerhouse. It has already obtained 86 commercial contracts and has constructed 31 live 5G networks. To that point, Ericsson announced successful 5G service launches in Madagascar and Taiwan this past week alone. 

The company has been spending heavily on research and development to solidify its leadership position. But at the same time, it has been paying down its debt levels to strengthen its balance sheet. In the past, some customers feared ordering from Ericsson because of its flimsy financial position. However, Ericsson has made key cost-cutting moves to ensure its long-term durability, and both its credit outlook and share price have moved sharply higher in response.

That’s not all…

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Radical new battery could dismantle $75 TRILLION oil markets

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It’s of a mind-blowing new type of battery insiders are calling a “paradigm shift” in energy technology…

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In fact, it’s proven to be such a game-changing force that some of the most powerful oil and gas corporations in the world are terrified of this breakthrough and what it’s going to do to disrupt their industry.

To them, the writing is on the wall.

It’s either embrace this new technology or become obsolete.

The U.S. Department of Energy has already classified this innovation as a “critical need” for the mass adoption of electric vehicles — as it finally promises to dramatically reduce our reliance on foreign oil.

At the heart of this revolution, one tiny company — less than 1/1000th the size of General Motors — is gearing up to drive the commercialization of this technology…

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Editor, Matt McCall’s Investment Opportunities