The 3 Best Stocks for 2021

As fall sets in, it’s time to start thinking of next year’s best stocks…

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We are now into the fourth quarter of the year.

With the election, the battle over the Supreme Court, and the continued struggle against the coronavirus pandemic, we should see an interesting end to 2020.

It is also the time of year when we begin to hear talk and predictions about which stocks we want to own to get the best results in 2021.

If this year is like every other year, we will hear all sorts of guesses involving turnarounds, emerging technologies, and wild guesses about how the markets will play out in 2021.

I love turnarounds and emerging technologies as much as the next guy. If I can find those opportunities throughout the year, I'll bring them to you right away.

However, for the core of our 2021 portfolio, we want to own the stocks with the very best fundamentals and powerful tailwinds from existing long-term demographic, economic, and social trends.

These are the stocks that should deliver substantial gains no matter what new brand of madness the world brings us in 2021.

Let's get started…

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Genius Trading Strategy Helps Make Man A Millionaire In 2 Years

In 2008, Andrew Keene was down and out.

At the same time…

The country was in the grips of an economic crisis…

  • 1.2 million mortgages had already defaulted…
  • 170,000 small businesses were in the process of closing down…
  • And the government was handing out $700 billion in bailouts.

Andrew knew that if he wanted to change his life, he needed to do something radically different.

So he turned to the stock market to find an edge.

That’s when he discovered an obscure 18-digit “code” that let him see when hedge funds were making incredibly lucrative trades.

In this moment…

He wondered if he could tag along on these mysterious trades – taking his slice of the profit.

So he tested it out with some of the money he had left…

And it worked better than he could have ever dreamed.

As soon as he realized how consistent and how profitable this strategy was – even in the MIDDLE of a financial crisis – he threw everything in.

The result?

At a time when most people were seeing their 401(k)s dwindle…

He grew his account from a $200,000 starting balance to $5 million in two years.

He’s been enjoying life as a millionaire ever since.

He’s a world traveler and a frequent guest on the CNBC show Trading Nation.

And he still uses this strategy to this day.

But he’s especially excited about the next few months…

Because for the first time since 2008, America has entered a recession.

And Andrew’s certain his strategy will be just as powerful today as it was before.

But this time, he wants to share the wealth.

He knows how many people are struggling right now…

But with this strategy…

He says those same people could make up to $5,000 every week depending on the size of their initial stake.

And they would only have to spend 30 minutes, 3 days a week trading with his strategy.

So he’s finally showing the public exactly how his strategy works.