Tesla: To Infinity and Beyond?

Over the weekend, SpaceX and NASA launched the first two American astronauts into space in nine years. Here’s how Tesla will benefit…

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After this weekend, I’m confident there’s nothing Elon Musk can’t do.

The guy is a pure genius.

On Saturday, he made history. He heads up SpaceX, which became the first private company to send astronauts into outer space — an American company, with American astronauts, from American soil.

It was truly incredible.

Ten million people watched the launch as it was livestreamed.

After NASA had to postpone the original launch on Wednesday due to inclement weather, this one came down to the wire once again. The final “all clear” from the rain wasn’t given until seven minutes before the launch.

It was a sight to be seen.

Everything from the spaceship’s narrow design to the big monitors in the cockpit, to the spacesuits themselves, was completely different from nine years ago — during the last manned launch from America in 2011.

Tesla’s (NYSE: TSLA) sleek look was seen all over the place. Musk also owns Tesla, the all-electric carmaker, which has revolutionized the way we travel in our cars. Now, Musk’s SpaceX is working with NASA to revolutionize the way we travel to space.

The astronauts even rode in a Tesla Model X to the launch site. And the big touchscreens in the cockpit were similar to the driver’s console of every Tesla — all screens, no buttons.

It was a great branding moment for Elon Musk to intertwine these two great companies — I see more of that in the future.

Musk even mentioned on Jay Leno’s Garage that the upcoming Tesla Roadster will have an option for rocket thrusters, courtesy of SpaceX. They’ll be hidden behind the license plate and will pop out only when necessary.

We already know SpaceX is headed to infinity and beyond, as Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear would put it.

But will it bring Tesla along for the ride?

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