Tech Stock Rally: No. 1 Stock to Buy

As bankruptcies continue to roll in, one sector is thriving above all the rest…

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Adapt or die.

It’s not the smartest or the strongest companies, but the ones that adjust best to their environment that survive.

In March the world changed. The globe is now engulfed by a worldwide pandemic.

COVID-19 is now the new normal.

Social distancing and masks become part of a new normal.

Many businesses couldn’t adapt, and now are bankrupt.

Brooks Brothers, a high-end retailer founded 200 years ago (and frequented by U.S. presidents), declared bankruptcy a few weeks ago.

So did Gold’s Gym and Chuck E. Cheese.

But on the flip side, look at Zoom Video Communications. What was once a fringe company is now so common that it’s become a shorthand for any type of video hangout. Think Zoom date, Zoom happy hour and Zoom event. People say things like this even when they’re using a different app!

What other companies are adapting and thriving?

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Wall Street Legend’s “Tech Talk” Shocks Audience

Dear Reader,

The audience sat in stunned silence.

That’s because tech expert Paul Mampilly ripped away the curtain on a new technology that experts are calling “one of the most significant discoveries since fire” and “the last innovation we’ll EVER need.”

When Paul Mampilly delivers a presentation recommending a specific stock, it pays to listen.

The last three times he did this, the stocks saw peak gains of 300%, 125% and 524%.

But as Paul made perfectly clear in his live “Tech Talk,” this innovation is bigger — much bigger — and those who get in during these early stages could amass a fortune greater than anything we’ve seen in human history.   I’ve attached a link for you to watch his presentation here.

During this presentation, Paul will reveal why this emerging tech industry is expected to surge from a $20 billion market to $15.7 trillion — a 76,000% increase.

He’ll demonstrate exactly why the world’s biggest businesses are reinventing their entire businesses to become the world leader in this tech.

And most importantly of all, he’ll reveal the little-known Midwestern company at the forefront of it all — and why the highest paid money manager on Wall Street has dumped nearly 20% of his entire portfolio into this ONE stock.

Never one to mince words, Paul says that buying this company now, while this technology is still in the early stages, could set you up for a multimillion dollar windfall in the years ahead.

But you need to act fast.

This industry is poised to go parabolic, and if you wait, you could miss out on the biggest money-making opportunity since the birth of the internet.

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Jeff Yastine
Editorial Director, Banyan Hill Publishing