Sell This Rally … Before the Crowd Does

Investors, moving money into stocks, aren’t scared of what’s coming – but chart analysis warns there’s trouble ahead…

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“My wife and I were talking last night,” Chris said, “and we were thinking about putting some money in the market. Only like a few hundred dollars.”

This was at the beginning of March after February’s 13% sell-off had bottomed.

Chris heard on the radio that the stock market had dropped a bunch. And he didn’t want to miss out on the next bull market — “like the one after the 2008 crisis.”

Chris, the local high school baseball coach, is 37 years old. After playing pro ball for a few years, he can pick out a fastball.

But he’s never picked a stock before in his life. And he doesn’t have a lot of extra cash to invest.

I told him to wait.

I don’t know what he decided to do. But if he asked me again today, I’d tell him the same thing.

Why? Because investors aren’t scared of what’s coming — they’re actually moving money into stocks.

The following chart tells me stocks are about to begin a new sell-off:

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White House Memo Could Help Send This on a 22,540% Growth Surge

When the White House pushed its “energy dominance” doctrine, promising a “Golden Era of American Energy”…

Denver-based Whiting Petroleum jumped 178%, HollyFrontier Corporation tripled and Texas company Jones Energy jumped 320%.

When the government declared: “We will begin to revive and expand our nuclear energy sector…”

Shares of both International Isotopes and Lightbridge Corporation bounced more than 75% in a few months, and U.S. Nuclear Corporation returned 1,639%.

And on February 16, 2017, Resolution 38 was signed in support of the coal industry.

NACCO Industries – the public holding company for the North American Coal Corporation – responded with a 223% gain.

As you can see, the U.S. government has a long track record of triggering massive gains. Now a controversial new video reveals the White House’s newest priority – to roll out a radical technology.

On page 1 of a recent, official government memorandum, it states that “America must be first” in launching this innovation. One that Bloomberg confirms will “transform the way we live and work … and add trillions of dollars to the global economy every year.” And that experts are calling the “next big thing.”

In this special video presentation, you’ll find out why this technology could be the greatest stock market story of the decade.

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