Revolutionary “Nano-Powder” To Set Off 20,300% Market Surge.

One tiny company started by a former Tesla employee could soon completely upend the entire energy sector, with its revolutionary new “Nano-Powder”

This new “Nano-Powder” is so revolutionary in fact, that it could charge in just eight minutes (not hours), have a driving range of 9,200 miles on that charge, and last an incredible 12 Million miles before needing to be replaced.

But it doesn’t just stop with electric vehicles…

This technology is set to disrupt multiple sectors of the market, taking what’s now a $250 Billion niche and pushing it into a $51 Trillion Global Mega-Industry.

Its effects are set to be so large, the World Economic Forum is calling it “A transformation of unheard magnitude”

And this tiny company at the heart of this 20,300% market surge, holds 100 patents on this technology.

This new industry is poised to create more new millionaire investors over the next decade than any other.

But the window to get in before the biggest potential gains are had is closing FAST.

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