Profit From the $18.3 Trillion “American Reset”

The Fed — and government — are working behind the scenes to reset America. And there’s much more good news ahead…

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In early April, I made a prediction many called crazy.

Right on the heels of the March crash, I told you the “biggest bubble ever” was just getting started.

That the markets were about to get a jump-start.

After that, the S&P 500 Index staged a staggering 30% rally over the next two months. We had a slight pullback, and now the market is within 6% of its June 8 highs.

But even though the market rallied sharply, I still believe the best is ahead for stocks.

There’s something going on behind the scenes at the Federal Reserve — and in the halls of government.

It’s helping reset the American economy and power this market.

And one chart proves it…

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Love America? Read This…

If you love America, you’re going to love this new video interview.

It features a Wall Street legend named Paul Mampilly and why he believes America is about to get a massive economic upgrade.

He calls the upgrade … “America 2.0.”

“This upgrade is going to be big,” Paul explains. “So big that citizens from every edge of our great nation — from farmers to doctors and from 10-year-olds to 100-year-olds — will reap the benefits. And that’s just the start …”

Paul goes on to explain why he believes the Dow will climb to 100,000 and why real estate will double.

And while his prediction may seem extreme, Paul actually uses data and seven irrefutable charts to back his claim.

Most refreshing of all is how much Paul loves America.

He says: “I love our nation. I worked long and hard to become a citizen. It was worth every ounce of sacrifice and sweat. I’m proud to be an American.”

Paul goes on to recommend a $10 stock … his No. 1 pick for 2020.

“This company is at the forefront of America 2.0. It will help build a better, stronger, and more robust America. Investors will be greatly rewarded.”

If you love America, you’ll love this patriotic interview … and Paul.

Go here to watch the full interview >>>

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