The President’s Plan Could Help Return $41.2 Billion in “Bonus Checks” This Year

If you are retired, or nearing retirement, you might be in for some good news.

Buried in a 500-page legal document, recently signed into law by President Trump, hides a special “loophole” in the tax code that any American can now take advantage of…

It allows them to collect regular checks, some rare examples worth as much as $4,280… $6,344… and even $8,181 per month!

In fact, it’s projected that nearly $41.2 billion will be paid out this year alone.

But, are these checks too good to last?

According to Income Specialist Mike Burnick, the answer is a resounding: No!

Burnick has started calling the payments “Trump Bonus Checks,” and says the strategy behind them is already making thousands of everyday Americans “disaster-proof” income.

Even liberal media outlets can’t help but notice this flood of wealth. CNN has called it “a remarkable amount of money,” and The Economist said “The money mountain will get much bigger…”

With the next round of checks scheduled to go out in just a matter of weeks, the window is closing to stake your claim.

That’s why Burnick recently released a detailed guide explaining how these payments work, and what you need to do to participate.

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