Play This Bear Market No One’s Paying Attention To

Few are paying attention to this bear market, but your profits from it could be huge…

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Jerome Powell has one goal in mind as the Federal Reserve chairman… to kickstart our economy at any cost.

I explained what was happening to DailyWealth readers in July. Powell had recently announced plans to pump up to $6 trillion into the U.S. economy.

Now all those dollars floating around are helping companies ride out today's pandemic. And with record-low interest rates, businesses can take out cheap debt to stay afloat.

I knew that would lead to a massive boom in asset prices. And it has, with stocks soaring from the March lows to new all-time highs.

That trend is playing out exactly as I expected. It's why I believe the latest pullback will give way to even higher highs. But there's another side effect to Powell's massive monetary stimulus…

It's a bear market that few are paying attention to… but one with huge implications.

Let me explain…

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Stock Warning: “People are NOT ready for what’s coming”

Dear Reader,

I was there when he first predicted it…

Sitting in a conference room in Las Vegas…

It was a scary time in the stock market…

One day it was up, the next it seemed like it was crashing.

Most people were confused – much like they are today.

Then, my boss, a PhD and former hedge fund manager who I’d been working with for just a few years, took the stage.

He’s perhaps the smartest man I’ve ever met – he predicted the rise of gold in 2003, the top of the dot-com bubble in 2000, and the bottom of the Great Recession in 2009 — and I’ve personally read at least 100 emails from people who’ve made fortunes following his recommendations.

What he said in Vegas didn’t make much sense at the time… but it’s playing out exactly as he predicted.

He believes a mania will hit the U.S. stock market any day now… one that’ll take most people by surprise.

Like usual, some will become fabulously wealthy while others get crushed.

For the past two years, I’ve made it my mission to spread the word about my boss’s prediction.

I’ve even recruited the help of a well-known celebrity investor.

Recently, I got both experts in a room for an eye-opening interview.

They walked me through exactly what’s happening and what to expect next. (They even gave the name of a small stock that’s been attracting a lot of Wall Street attention recently.)

I’ve asked for this link to be forwarded to as many people as possible… and I’m glad it’s now found its found its way to you.

Many of the predictions made in this video have already come true… and could have an enormous impact on your wealth.

To watch the free presentation before it comes offline, click here.


Kelly Brown
Managing Director, Stansberry Research
Delivering World-Class Investment Research since 1999

P.S. The viral message is spreading quickly – nearly  2 million people have already seen it. And the message my boss is predicting has been featured all over the news. To watch and learn how to take action on everything he recommends, click here while the video is still available.

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