Oilers Upset; Nothin’ Streamin’ but Debt

Oil is up again, but don’t be fooled…

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For the past several days, Wall Street fretted over plunging oil prices. Well, Wall Street was concerned for a while … the financial media just decided it was finally time to take notice.

In classic financial media form, however, it appears that the hype surrounding negative oil prices actually prompted a near-term bottom. Oil surged more than 30% today, as the practically undeliverable May futures contract cycled out and the June contract rolled in.

A couple of factors drove oil higher today.

First, tensions are once again ratcheting up in the Middle East. After Iranian ships buzzed U.S. Navy ships in the Persian Gulf, President Trump tweeted: “I have instructed the United States Navy to shoot down and destroy any and all Iranian gunboats if they harass our ships at sea.”

Nothing boosts oil prices like rising Middle Eastern tensions.

Second, the U.S. Senate just passed a new $484 billion pandemic relief bill. And to think that I wasn’t stimulated enough this morning!

The new bill allocates about $320 billion for the Paycheck Protection Program — you know, the one that was supposed to help small businesses but ended up going to publicly traded companies like Shake Shack Inc. (NYSE: SHAK) and Ruth’s Hospitality Group Inc. (Nasdaq: RUTH)?

Wall Street’s thinking here is that more stimulus equals a stronger economic recovery, which means more demand for oil — assuming I’ve got my math right here.

So, not to worry. Everything is all hunky-dory now…

With crude oil rallying again, it begs the question: Was the oil panic a false alarm?

False alarms are really funny, aren’t they? What if your home, what if your family … what if your dope was on fire?

(Impossible, sir. It’s in Johnson’s underwear.)

Let me answer this as simple as possible: This was no false alarm for oil.

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Wall Street Legend’s “Tech Talk” Shocks Audience

The audience sat in stunned silence.

That’s because tech expert Paul Mampilly ripped away the curtain on a new technology that experts are calling “one of the most significant discoveries since fire” and “the last innovation we’ll EVER need.”

When Paul Mampilly delivers a presentation recommending a specific stock, it pays to listen.

The last three times he did this, the stocks saw peak gains of 300%, 125% and 524%.

But as Paul made perfectly clear in his live “Tech Talk,” this innovation is bigger — much bigger — and those who get in during these early stages could amass a fortune greater than anything we’ve seen in human history.

I’ve attached a link for you to watch his presentation here.

During this presentation, Paul will reveal why this emerging tech industry is expected to surge from a $20 billion market to $15.7 trillion — a 76,000% increase.

He’ll demonstrate exactly why the world’s biggest businesses are reinventing their entire businesses to become the world leader in this tech.

And most importantly of all, he’ll reveal the little-known Midwestern company at the forefront of it all — and why the highest paid money manager on Wall Street has dumped nearly 20% of his entire portfolio into this ONE stock.

Never one to mince words, Paul says that buying this company now, while this technology is still in the early stages, could set you up for a multimillion dollar windfall in the years ahead.

But you need to act fast.

This industry is poised to go parabolic, and if you wait, you could miss out on the biggest money-making opportunity since the birth of the internet.

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