Now is the Perfect Time to Buy Into This Tech Darling’s Momentum

The momentum for this tech stock is just getting started…

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Are you looking to make a move in one of today’s hot growth stories? If so, shares of Twilio (NYSE:TWLO) are shaping up in a big way for a purchase. Let’s look at what makes TWLO stock a buy in today’s market, off and on the price chart, as well as a smarter, risk-adjusted way to position.

Investors aren’t alone if they’re concerned right now. I’m talking about the stock market and specifically, momentum in technology stocks. New highs on an almost daily basis for the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite index and year-to-date gains of more than 30% are increasingly disconnected from the novel coronavirus pandemic still wreaking havoc on American lives and a still shaky U.S. economy.

Amid that backdrop, cloud communications specialist Twilio has rallied alongside the best of them. Shares of TWLO are up 169% in 2020. Twilio stock has also doubled in price from where the shares were trading immediately before Covid-19 sank the broader averages into a vicious and historic bear market.

Here's why that's going to continue…

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