New Policy Could Ignite Stock Market Boom

Leaders in Washington have been quietly meeting behind closed doors to negotiate a policy that will radically transform the American stock market.

This policy is expected to go into effect as soon as April 30th, and when it does one tiny corner of the stock market could see a multi-trillion-dollar boom.

Most everyday investors will be completely blindsided by what’s coming, because instead of holding a public debate, Washington policymakers have been negotiating behind closed doors.

But according to public filings, the world’s richest and most powerful investors are rushing to get in position before the details are released to the public.

Already investors like Bezos, Buffett, and Bloomberg have collectively poured tens of billions into the market to get ahead of the masses.

Fortunately, for America's 165 million individual investors there is still time to position themselves for windfall gains before April 30th. But, your time is quickly running out.

That's why it's critically important you learn about the coming policy changes and the three top companies we expect to soar before it's too late.

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