New Biden Policy Will Cause A Massive Wealth Shift By July 4th

President Biden has been meeting behind closed doors with his democratic colleagues negotiating a radical new policy that could reshape the financial future of millions of Americans.

And while this policy is expected to take effect as soon as July 4th, up to 98% of Americans could be completely blindsided by what's coming.

Even though the details are yet to be released to the public, three of the world's richest men, Bezos, Bloomberg and Buffet, are already betting big on this new policy, pouring billions into one tiny sector of the market. 

According to former Wall Street Insider Chris Rowe, Americans who fail to act immediately stand to miss out on perhaps the largest wealth shift in American history.

In an exclusive new broadcast, Rowe discusses the devastating policies about to be unleashed and the 3 specific stocks that are about to transform the American Stock Market.

But, timing is critical so I’m urging you to act fast…

Take a few moments to watch his broadcast below and decide for yourself…