Physicists: NASA Breakthrough Could Be Next Stock Market Boom

NASA and the United States Air Force conducted a series of covert tests to create a new technology 60 Minutes says is “the biggest invention since the car.”

It all happened in an isolated compound in rural Virginia, where only 25 people knew of the project’s existence, which was classified higher than “Top Secret.”

After 2 years and billions of dollars in spending, these scientists discovered a way to convert one of the Earth’s most abundant resources into cheap, powerful, virtually endless energy.

This top-secret project was hidden by powerful government forces for years, and Big Oil even went as far as influencing scientists to keep it from going public.

But this technology is so revolutionary, not even special interest groups can keep Americans from getting their hands on it.

The Department of Energy and Congress are investing billions in order to rush it to market, because this technology can power every home and car in America for less than oil and EV batteries.

And yet, right now, this budding market is just a fraction of the size of oil and electric vehicles.

One business is positioned to benefit the most from the billions of cash flowing in. It’s a $13 stock and the leading creator of power systems which transforms an abundant U.S. resource into instant energy.

A recent analysis shows this $13 stock’s revenue could soar 46,700% as this technology goes mainstream.  

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