“My Only Job is To Make You Money”

I’ve got a full list of the best, most profitable stocks, stocks that can help you make hundreds… or more…

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It’s not my job as Chief Investment Strategist to give you political statements, it is my job as Chief Investment Strategist to line you up for success, and that means taking my 37 years in the markets, on the floor of the CBOE, in my Hampton house trading options, and putting it to good use.

It means running the numbers, compiling the data, and then helping you find the most profitable opportunities no matter who wins the election, what company comes forward with a miracle coronavirus cure, or how the markets react to earnings.

It’s not always easy, but it’s something I am overwhelmingly proud to do for my Total Wealth readers.

My goal is to always find the best stocks with the most upside potential. But that’s only part of my job, I also make it my responsibility to warn you which stocks to avoid, stocks that can bust your portfolio and blow it into smithereens, costing you thousands of dollars, and leaving you with nothing.

That’s my goal, my only goal, and I’m ready to attack it head on. I’ve been hard at work at my Hamptons house, compiling lists, running stocks through hundreds of indicators and asking my team for backup, research, and data as I go.

And I’ve done it. I’ve got a full list of the best, most profitable stocks, stocks that can help you make hundreds… or more.

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