Maybe the Markets Were Right All Along

Here’s why the bull market rally may make sense after all…

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This has to be the most maligned stock market rally of all time.

It’s been called crazy, irrational, even stupid.

Analysts and economists say it proves just how out of touch stock markets are with the economy.

And yet stocks have been climbing since their March lows. Wait — rocketing up since their March lows. Wait — making the fastest 30 and 40% gains after a bear pullback – in the history of the U.S. markets.

Despite bad job report after bad job report, not to mention nationwide protests and potential signs that COVID-19 is making a comeback in multiple states, stocks have kept on going.

In fact, this week the Nasdaq has made new all-time highs.

Pundits are baffled. The News Media barely mentions it except to say it’s nonsensical.

They see the economy as being in dire straits. Unemployment is now well into double-digits (more on that in a moment), which pushes down consumer spending. Factories have been closed and shipping is on hold, meaning that even if consumers had money to spend, there’d be nothing for them to buy.

And most companies are showing massive revenue hits for March through May.

Under that view, surging stocks really don’t make sense. We’re reliving the Financial Crisis, they think, so stock markets should keep falling.

Except we’re not reliving the Financial Crisis, of course.

This pandemic downturn is different in almost every single way.

And that’s why economists stuck in the past keep getting it wrong.

Here’s what they’re not getting…

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