3 Simple Ways Savvy Investors Can “Biden-Proof” Their Portfolios

Sponsored by: Masterworks

Any conservative investor worth their salt could've told you that inflation was far from “transitory.”

Yet, over a year later, inflation is still higher than 7%.

In return, the policy wonks at the Fed jacked up interest rates at record levels, bringing a once roaring economy to a screaming halt.

Americans are struggling to buy a DOZEN EGGS at a reasonable price – let alone, to protect their NEST EGGS.

For those of us who can see the writing on the wall – and know that there's more pain on the horizon – it's time to take action.

Don't let your hard-earned nest egg fizzle without a fight.

A new investing platform is offering everyday investors, like you, an opportunity to access an asset class that can actually gain value, even when inflation is roaring and the stock and bond markets are floundering.

It's called Masterworks.

They've unlocked one of history's most exclusive investments, blue-chip art, which was previously only available to the world's millionaires and billionaires.

That's right… masterpieces by famous artists, such as Banksy, Monet, and Picasso, can act as an untouchable store of value and steady growth driver in high-inflationary and turbulent times.

Even investors who are brand new to art investing have been able to realize amazing results.

On Masterworks' platform, investors have scored 11 exits, each one of them profitable. In fact, the last three in 2022 realized +13.9%, +35.0%, and +10.4% net annualized returns – while traditional financial markets have been getting crushed.

Interested in discovering the steady wealth-generating potential of this groundbreaking platform?

As a trusted partner, we've secured an exclusive invitation for our readers to access Masterworks' private art investment community

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*Net Return” refers to the annualized internal rate of return net of all fees and costs, calculated from the offering closing date to the date the sale is consummated. IRR may not be indicative of Masterworks paintings not yet sold and past performance is not indicative of future results. See important Reg A disclosures: Masterworks.com/cd

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