Microsoft Co-Founder’s $1.6B+ MEGA Sale Highlights a “Safe-Haven” Asset

Sponsored By: Masterworks

Just weeks ago, Paul Allen's historic art collection shattered the record for largest ever sale in auction history.

Maybe you didn't hear about it…

But major financial institutions, like Goldman Sachs, sure are taking notice.

And so should you…

$1.6 billion dollars worth of art was purchased in just hours.

In a “normal” economy this would be newsworthy.

But this historic sale is epic because it happened amid large drawdowns in every financial market during one of the most volatile economic periods in history.

The fact that the blue-chip art market is setting such incredible records, at a time like this, highlights why it can be such a strong alternative diversifier.

(Every savvy investor knows the importance of a well-diversified portfolio.)

In fact, this isn't the first time the high-end art market has shined during tough times

Over the last 26 years, through three recessions, three bear markets, and 10 corrections, contemporary art price appreciation (+13.8%) outpaced the S&P 500 (+10.2%), real estate (+8.9%), and gold (+7.2%).

But this time around, it's not just the ultra-wealthy that are benefitting.

Thanks to Masterworks.

This unicorn investment platform allows everyday people to invest in shares of multi-million dollar artworks by names like Banksy, Hockney, Picasso. (The same type of works sold at Allen's record setting auctions.)

Even better, Masterworks had nine exits in 2022, ALL WITH POSITIVE RETURNS!

That's not cherry picking. That's a track record.

A track record you can take to the bank. For conservative investors, this opportunity is a dream come true.

Want to see what's currently available?

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*Net est. returns for all offerings from inception through 6/30/22. See important Reg A and performance disclosures:

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