Tech Stock “Second Wave” Means Big Changes For Investors

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About This Interview

Should the soaring stock prices of technology companies be a warning sign for investors?

According to renowned market analyst Jeff Brown the answer is YES!

In a startling interview Mr. Brown recently revealed that global market are on the verge of a “Splintering Event”, one that could send popular over-valued tech stocks crashing by up to 92%.

At the same time, he says, there’s a small segment of the tech world… largely ignored until now… that could soar to unimaginable new highs.

Already, billionaires (including Jeff Bezos) are quickly shifting their money to this small sector.

Brown and his colleagues may be worth listening to. After all, they with a firm that has successful predicted nearly every major market phenomena in the last 30 years

  • In 1987, they foresaw the famous “Black Monday” stock crash…
  • They called the EXACT PEAK of the first dot com boom…
  • They predicted the housing crisis…
  • The crypto crash…
  • And, earlier this year, when not a single analyst foresaw a downturn in stocks, they told Americans to get ready for a big pullback…

Could they be right again?

Take a few moments to watch Brown’s startling interview and decide for yourself…

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