Man Who Bought AMZN At $48 Says Buy TaaS Now

In a fascinating story reported by CNBC…

The richest man in America has ordered 100,000 units of a new technology, which could radically change his business, and your life.

There’s no doubt that this technology is going to transform our world over the next few years.

It will change the way you eat, shop, work, and travel. It will change the value of our homes and where we live. It will radically alter prices for airline and train tickets, gas, and even household goods. It could even help slow the spread of diseases, like the coronavirus… and help get the American economy moving again.

Along the way, it could make you a small fortune.

The biggest gains as an investor have come from getting in reasonably early on an extremely powerful new trend…

  • Netflix when it was $7.78 a share (today it’s worth 4,800% more)
  • Apple at $1.42 (it’s up 18,000% since then)
  • Amazon at $48 (it’s up 4,000% since then)

And now, Whitney Tilson, the man who bought Apple when it was $1.42, has found what he believes will be the NEXT big tech trend that will make investors rich.

Even Jeff Bezos, America’s richest man, not only bought 100,000 units of this new technology, he also led a $700 million investment in the company from which he made his 100,000-unit purchase.

Bezos says: “It’s going to be something very interesting to watch and participate in, and I’m very excited…”

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