Invest in the “Superpower” of Cannabis Exporting

Globalization is completely overlooked by most investors.

Today, we're going to talk about the country that Money Morning Director of Cannabis Investing Research Greg Miller calls a superpower in marijuana exporting.

It's the global leader in research on pot. And research means an increasing number of products to be purchased where cannabis is legal. It means an increasing number of medical uses.

Products and medical uses are end products of research that can be very good news for investors looking for top marijuana stocks.

The more research is done on marijuana, the more it is likely to become a commodity traded around the world.

The Cannabis Market Needs a Superpower

You see, Canada is not alone in being a country that legalized pot.

In fact, it's part of an increasingly common template. A banned substance moves from being banned into restricted use for medical purposes. Then, an industry grows up around medical use. Politicians begin to see how the crop can help tax revenue. They think about the positive effects on local employment. Finally, political support for full legalization for adults comes to the fore.

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Then, investors start thinking about the potentially lucrative markets. They start to focus on the specific companies that can make hefty profits and sales in those markets.

Companies and investors both start to think about innovative products and what the most lucrative trends in the legalized substance are likely to be.

They also think about export trends.

Recently, for example, a Canadian company, Aurora Cannabis Inc. (NASDAQ: ACB), announced it had entered into a deal to supply cannabis products Mexico, which recently legalized medical cannabis.

In fact, Miller believes that a storm of profit is soon to descend on the marijuana market.

He says that it will transform the industry and create billions in profits. Yet he is one of the few people issuing this message.

Israel Is Likely to Be a Top Marijuana Exporter in 2019

The State of Israel leads the world in pot research. It's also about to make exporting marijuana legal.

In fact, exporting could begin in 2019. The marijuana industry has been talking for years about how important it is for there to be laws that provide for legal export of marijuana. Chief executive officers in the industry believe it is urgent.

The Knesset, Israel's legislature, is about to make the industry quite happy on that front.

Late last year, its Internal Affairs and Environment Committee gave the go-ahead to a bill for pot exports for medical purposes. The bill gives the state police the authority to open the medical marijuana market, as long as public security is maintained.

Now that it's past the committee, the bill moves to the wider legislature. The National Institute for Cannabis Investors is likely to be watching these international developments closely.

Why is legislation in Israel, of all places, changing?

The country has high-quality marijuana due to the country's investment in marijuana research. Researchers need stellar quality, with very precisely formulated ratios of CBD, THC, and other compounds (called cannabinoids), depending on what the researcher is studying.

The tradition of research is strong and enjoys the official backing of the government, making it very different from the case in the United States.

In fact, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, an Israeli researcher, was the first person to discover THC, the psychoactive component of pot. He also discovered anandamide, which is a cannabinoid naturally produced in the human body. That work ultimately led to the uncovering of the endocannabinoid system.

Dr. Mechoulam is often termed “the father of cannabis research.” And he's eagerly anticipating what Israel's export industry will mean for global cannabis sales…

The Export of Marijuana Is Likely To Grow

Israel is likely to lead the global market in cannabis that is extremely high quality and ready for researchers to use.

Israel forecasts that it could lead to $2.6 billion annually in the market worldwide, which could quickly rise to $50 billion. In fact, if the government of Israel and the Knesset listen to Dr. Dor or the National Institute for Cannabis Investors, those estimates may ultimately be far under what is actually realized.

Dor also believes that the marijuana market forecasts are under what both Israeli exporting and the industry globally can achieve, especially given medical uses, supplements to food, pet medications, and cosmetics.

Eventually, research-quality cannabis can be used in industrial applications, such as hemp in clothing and furniture and as a substitute for environmentally unfriendly plastic.

Not only is Israel going to lead the market for export and as a cultivation center, but it's going to provide a template for other worldwide markets to follow.

Throughout North America, growing conditions aren't optimal. Not only that, but costs for labor are high. So marijuana growing on a mass scale will likely take place somewhere else, in a more hospitable climate with lower labor costs.

Marijuana is in the process of becoming a market globally, just like coffee or tea. And that's good news for investors interested in marijuana stocks in 2019. [Full story at Money Morning]

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