Intel Dethroned? 1 Chipmaker Just Soared 85%

This chip company has overtaken the long-time champion, Intel…

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In January, my colleague Jeff Yastine wrote an article in Smart Profits Daily explaining how major chipmaker Intel Corp. (Nasdaq: INTC) saw its growth stagnate.

Since then, one rival chipmaker’s stock has surged 46%. And since they bottomed in March, shares have skyrocketed 85%.

As Jeff explained in his article: “Chipmakers offer exposure to many of the biggest tech trends, including automation, drones and artificial intelligence.” So, this is clearly one tech stock that you need to have in your portfolio right now.

In today’s Market Insights video, Jeff and I discuss what’s next for this emerging tech leader, and the best way to approach buying its stock.

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The Greatest Wealth-Building Opportunity of 2020

This could be the greatest wealth-building opportunity of 2020…

In short, we are at the crossroads of a potential $37 trillion financial event that could bring unthinkable wealth to investors who take action now.

As one Wall Street legend says: “More millionaires, and billionaires, will be minted in the coming months and years than any time in history.” 

And this is expected to unfold no matter what happens with interest rates … real estate … the dollar … trade wars … or record deficits. 

Although this opportunity isn't for everyone — those who take advantage of it could turn a mere $50 investment into a small fortune.

Full details are revealed in this interview

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