How to Trade Amazon Before Its Earnings Report

Amazon reports on April 30. Here’s how to trade it…

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Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) is expected to report first-quarter earnings on April 30. Year-to-date, AMZN stock is up about 30%. By definition, a new bull market has begun in AMZN stock.

Therefore, many investors are wondering if they may be too late to join the party in the shares.

Fundamental catalysts will likely drive Amazon stock even higher in the quarters to come. However, between now and May 1, there will likely be choppiness in the share price, with potentially a downward bias. If you do not currently own AMZN stock, you may want to wait until you analyze the quarterly metrics. Yet investors with a two- to three-year time horizon may want to buy the dips.

Here’s why.

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#1 5G Stock To Buy Now

There’s a lot of hype surrounding 5G these days…

And for good reason. It’s a breakthrough technology that’s going to change the world and make early investors a fortune.

But investing legend Louis Navellier says there’s only one 5G stock you should be paying attention to right now.

This is coming from the analyst who…

  • Found Microsoft when it was trading for 39 cents.
  • Cisco at 50 cents.
  • Qualcomm at $2.45.
  • Adobe at $1.91.
  • Apple when the legendary software company was trading for $1.38.
  • Amazon when it was just a $46 stock (today it’s over $1,885).

And MarketWatch said he was “the advisor who recommended Google before anyone else.”

Now Louis’s pounding the table on a 5G stock he recently uncovered.

He’s put together a presentation with the full details which you can view right here.