How to Profit From the End of Aging

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Kane Tanaka is 117 years old.

She’s believed to be the oldest-known living person in the world.

But it’s only a matter of time before 117 is no longer considered old — but middle aged.

At least that’s what MIT-trained scientist David Sinclair believes.

Known as one of the leading experts in the field of aging, Sinclair is the guy who discovered the survival-circuit theory. And he says that getting cold, employing extreme workouts, and occasional fasting engage this “survival circuit” in our bodies, which results in certain cells increasing their defenses that keep you alive.

It’s a fascinating theory that has been written about and studied quite extensively, although it still has yet to be proven in an FDA clinical trial setting.

The only significant trials being conducted right now in the field of aging are the trials being conducted by a company that’s developed a new cell-based treatment designed to both extend life spans and end age-related chronic diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, and glaucoma. 

Interestingly, that company is publicly traded, which is why it has my attention. 

It should have your attention, too.

Think about it …

Right now, there’s a company that’s developed a pharmaceutical-based treatment that could allow you to not only live a longer life but do so in a way that would allow you to never have to worry about getting any age-related chronic diseases.

And it’s public…

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