How to “Piggyback” Canadian Social Security

Excerpted with permission from Zach Scheidt's “Big Book of Income” (Chapter 23)

In 2015, I discovered an awesome way for Americans to legally “piggyback” Canadian social security to boost their retirement income with quality in- vestments. You won’t be collecting checks directly from Canada. However, you will be able to supplement your own Social Security income with one   of the best investment opportunities around. It’s simple, legal and easy to  do. Here is one of the best ways improve your retirement with the help of our northern counterpart.

Similar to U.S. Social  Security,  the  Canada  Pension  Plan  (CPP)  is  the government program responsible for taking care of Canada’s senior citizens. However, instead of taking taxes and storing them in Treasury bonds like the U.S. does, the Canada Pension Plan is run by profession-     al investors that puts Canadian funds in private equity, common stocks, bonds and real estate.

Until recently, the CPP was not like this. Prior to 1996, it operated just as U.S. Social Security does—by taxing the working members of society, storing the funds in bonds and then redistributing money to the elderly. When their analysts determined that the Canadian pension fund would evaporate by 2015, the government took action. They restructured the

whole system and began investing the funds into the economy  rather than hold them in Treasuries. By doing so, the fund grew rapidly and is now one of the largest pension funds in the world.

The Canada Pension Plan is growing fast, and its analysts spend thou- sands of hours evaluating the components that go into their portfolio. They purchase whole businesses such as Neiman Marcus and taking large stakes in some of the best companies in the world.

One of the ways they invest is by purchasing common equity—some- thing that anyone can do. Many of the stocks they buy are quality divi- dend-paying companies that have brought the Canada Pension Plan billions of dollars worth of income. This portfolio is meant to maintain the longevity of the Canadian population, so only the best companies make the cut.

Simply mimic their portfolio (on a much smaller level) and you can collect thousands of dollars from quality investments with high income payments. Mimicking their portfolio is much cheaper than paying a money manager to do the same thing for you. Rather than waste money on com- missions and fees, simply buy the companies in your own brokerage account to save thousands while ensuring you are investing in quality companies. By doing so, you will receive a generous amount of income each year to boost your own Social Security payments.

Because the funds are used to support generations of citizens, you can be sure that a great deal of research and analysis was completed for each investment. Piggybacking the Canada Pension Plan’s portfolio is a  good way to know you are buying quality companies in a diversified manner. In fact, I’ve helped over 40,000 readers generate income using this strategy.

Here are a few examples of some of the gains we captured in just a few short years:

69% on Extra Space Storage

129% on AbbVie

65% on Procter & Gamble

Zach’s Income Rating: 

Piggybacking the Canadian Pension Plan is one of my favorite ways to guarantee you are purchasing quality dividend paying companies. Unlike US Social Security, the Canadian Pension Plan is managed by professional investors that turned a dying pension into one of the strongest retirement programs in the world. If you are looking to manage your own funds, look to the Canadian Pension Plan for guidance.

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