How the Second Wave of COVID-19 Will Affect the Stock Market

We’re nowhere near the end of this crisis…

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If you’re not paying particularly close attention, it might feel like we’re near the end of the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated stock market rout. 

The Dow is up by a few points in the last month, the May jobs report came in stronger than expected with 2.5 million new jobs added, and many states are starting to lift their lockdowns. 

But none of those things prove that this virus is actually on the decline. In fact, data from mid-June appear to show a second wave of infections, especially in eager-to-reopen states like Florida as well as states like California which have not previously seen high infection rates. 

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Source: Fortune

Today, we’re looking at the probable impact of this second wave of COVID-19 on the stock market — and discussing how you can prepare your portfolio…

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