Hedge Against Falling Stocks with These “Smart” Trades

Two “smart hedge” opportunities which are both primed to profit as the market struggles…

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Though we've seeing some upward movement in the market this week, we're likely tapped out on bullish activity for the time being. Just look at today's market, with the S&P 500 down as many as 94 points so far.

Chris Johnson, Editor of Night Trader and regular here at Fast Profits with Money Morning, is joining us today to offer a few ways to cash in on where we're headed…

Over the last two weeks, we've seen some pretty consistent rallies in the market, but Chris says the S&P 500 has just hit a relative level of resistance, so we'll likely be seeing volatility dragging down stocks.

Today Chris is offering two “smart hedge” opportunities, an ETF and an option play, both of which are primed to profit as the larger market struggles.

Editor's Note: To see these trades, click here. And look below for more.

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