Heat Up Your Portfolio With These 2 Energy Plays

At least this you have control over…

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It's no secret that a massive and prolonged arctic outbreak is smashing records in the Plains and Midwest.

From Minnesota to Texas, records are being shattered.  Fayetteville, Arkansas, set a new all-time record low of minus 20 degrees. Records there date to 1905.

Tulsa, Oklahoma, dropped to minus 13 degrees. That matches the coldest reading there since it hit that mark in 1918.

Kansas City International Airport reported a wind chill of minus 32 degrees on Monday morning.

As the classic song has it: “Baby, it's cold outside”.

And those sub-zero temperatures are taking their toll on our energy grids.  Many parts of the country are experiencing power outages as the demand for power outstrips the available supply.

The Southwest Power Pool (SPP) experienced its first-ever Level-3 Emergency Energy Alert.  The Pool has been in existence since 1941.  This was due to extremely low temperatures and inadequate supplies of natural gas.

So as I sat in my darkened house while our local power company conducted ordered, rolling power outages, I began to think: “There must be a stock or two that could benefit from surging demand for energy.”

Turns out… there are.

Here are a couple of ideas that might heat up your portfolio… Story continues here.


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