Give Yourself a Holiday Gift and Buy This Work-from-Home Stock

Buy the dip here, because Wall Street is about to start loving this stock again…

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Few companies have seen their business take off during the pandemic like Zoom Video (NASDAQ:ZM); over the past year, the work-from-home trend has pushed video conferencing through the roof. At the height of its gains, Zoom stock was up over 750%. Now, though, the company has seen its shares hit badly by the arrival of a novel coronavirus vaccine. At this point, ZM has lost about a third of its value since peaking in October. But Zoom’s current dip offers a buying opportunity.

This stock is rated an “A” in my Portfolio Grader for a reason. Yes, ZM is in a slump and taking it on the chin today. However, I’m looking at the longer term.

Why am I bullish on this company? Everything I see points to Zoom continuing to be a strong position, even with a vaccine in play… Story continues here.


The Best 5G Stock You’ve Never Heard Of

I’ve uncovered what could be the most promising stock in the 5G market.

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This is your chance. This company is poised to go vertical. They’ve already inked contracts with some of the biggest, most successful media companies.

Huge corporations — T-Mobile, Cox, Sprint, and dozens more — are all ready to cough up billions of dollars for just a piece of the tech this small company has to offer.

But here’s the kicker:

This company is still trading for less than $10 a share.

If you’ve got a ten in your pocket (or, better yet, $20!) you can get your foot in the door with this unbelievable profit opportunity.

I’ve compiled all of my research on this firm, data, statistics, the ticker symbol, and even my target buy and sell prices.

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