General Motors Creates New Electric Vehicle Battery, and It Tops Tesla’s

It has 400 miles of range and costs less to produce than current batteries…

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General Motors (GM) is at it again. In a major challenge to Tesla, the automaker has announced that it has developed a new electric vehicle battery. Its range is higher than Tesla's, and it costs less to produce than current batteries. 

With Tesla's current 390 mile range, GM's battery promises a 400 mile range in just one charge. 

GM's new battery cells

The company's new battery cells will be usable in several of its new fully electric models, which include its recently unveiled self-driving EV, the Cruise Origin, as well as its future Cadillac luxury SUV. 

The company also stated that its plan is to license its battery technology to other companies. 

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Editor's Note: I’m here 3,000 miles from home in Long Beach, California.

This industrial suburb looks nothing like Silicon Valley, but recently it’s become the epicenter of an explosive new technology.

One that’s taking the $2.5 trillion electric vehicle market by storm.

It charges in just minutes — not hours. It’s 100% emission-free, costs next to nothing, and involves no fossil fuels. The only thing it emits is pure, clean water.

This is why experts call this technology the “Tesla Killer.” 

I came here to try it for myself and see if all these claims were true.

And incredibly enough, the “Tesla Killer” worked better than I imagined.

The car took moments to fill and drove like a dream along the California coast, lasting hundreds of miles.

I’m now certain that no Tesla could possibly compete with it.

That’s why Bloomberg projects it to “skyrocket 1,000 times over.” And best of all…

The tiny, little-known stock behind the “Tesla Killer” are trades for just a few bucks. 

Don’t wait another moment.

Now you can lock in its shares at a few dollars, instead of $300 like Tesla.

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