Elon’s Next Big Bet to Revolutionize a $23 Trillion Industry

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If you think Tesla at $1 Trillion is absurdly overvalued, you aren’t alone…but you are wrong.

That’s because you’re probably thinking of Tesla as a car company, but after Elon Musk reveals his secret “Project X” you’ll see that it’s so much more.

And it’s not Self Driving cars, in fact, it’s going after something 1,000x bigger.

When finally revealed, it is set to completely upend a $23 Trillion global industry, and could absolutely dwarf its EV business.

Current estimates by industry insiders believe tesla’s stock could soar to $2,000 or even $3,000 a share, potentially tripling its current price, all due to this massive breakthrough…

While that would be truly impressive, the most explosive potential gains are centered around 5 tiny companies enabling “Project X”, which have the potential to see once in a generation type gains.

These Stocks are relatively unknown to most, but that will change, because on April 26th (or sooner depending on Elon’s Tweets) “Project X” is expected to be announced, and the floodgates will open.

As one investing legend put it, “The best time to invest in these stocks is yesterday, the second best time is today” because even a small stake of $500 could turn into a life-changing windfall.

Remember, that same perfectly timed $500 investment in Tesla at the beginning could’ve turned into more than $100,000…

For a full Dossier on what “Project X” is, and access to the five tiny companies set to soar as a result, simply click here.

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