Electric Vehicles are a Bubble… With One Exception

Only one EV stock is worth looking at…

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By 2030, the global electrical vehicle fleet is expected to reach 125 million, or about 10% of the total motor vehicle count, according to the International Energy Agency.

That boom market, however, isn't coming without its share of heartache for investors.

Earlier this week, the loudest man on Wall Street voiced his opinion on the EV market as a whole, and it was nowhere near as enthusiastic as the general sentiment. 

“I think the electric vehicle space looks like a boom, and then more like a bubble, one that’s already started to burst,” Jim Cramer, host of CNBC's Mad Money, said on August 4.

“We keep seeing more and more of them come public, often via reverse mergers with special purpose acquisition vehicles, and after some big moves higher, their stocks have started to implode.”

This is an inevitable condition of any rapidly expanding sector, and it's one that EVs have been heading toward for years.

However, this somber tone did come with one major caveat…

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Why Tesla Is On Its Deathbed

Electric cars are about to become a thing of the past…

Which might sound crazy considering that they’re relatively new.

But thanks to a new discovery — known as “Blue Gas” — companies that produce electric cars (like Tesla) are about to go down in flames.

See, “Blue Gas” is 100% emission free, can propel vehicles hundreds of miles, and allows cars to fully charge in just minutes.

So it should come as no surprise that projections for “Blue Gas” vehicles are sky high.

In fact, in the next few years, predictions have it that there will be more than 10 million “Blue Gas” vehicles on the road…

A statistic that prompted Bloomberg to project that “Blue Gas” will “skyrocket 1,000 times over.”

The thing is, “Blue Gas” is slated to go global soon.

And the tiny company driving the “Blue Gas” industry is primed to absolutely shatter any gains ever paid out by Tesla.

So there’s no time to wait. The time to get in is NOW.

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Jimmy Mengel

Investment Director, The Crow’s Nest