Don’t Settle for Average Returns — Do THIS Instead

Don’t settle for average…

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When it comes to investing, some people seem to be OK with being average.


Wall Street has published biased study results that suggest investors underperform the stock market, scaring people into buying investments that track indexes such as the S&P 500 Index and the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

By buying these investments and engaging in passive investing, investors settle for average returns. Meanwhile, Wall Street firms eat away at investors’ gains by charging a fee for buying these funds.

As a result, investors are missing out on a ton of gains.

This is a big reason why I joined the Smart Profits Daily team. We enjoy showing people how to make huge gains!

In fact, my colleague Brian Christopher just unveiled a new strategy that aims to double investors’ money in only 60 days…

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The No. 1 Tech Stock of 2020 Just Tripped a Rare “BUY” Signal

Dear Reader,

One company is about to blow nearly every other tech firm out of the water.

As one investment analyst commented: “Its numbers are truly mind-blowing.”

Thirty-one analysts recently gave this stock a massive buy/outperform rating…

And it just triggered a fresh signal that indicates it could be about to explode in price.

You see, this company holds more than 200 patents, and 500 more are pending in a technology that experts are calling “the new oil.”

That makes this company absolutely dominant in a tech revolution that is expected to explode 18,767%.

You won’t want to miss this.

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Jessica Cohn
Editorial Director, Banyan Hill Publishing