Don’t Fight the Fed. Mow the Lawn Instead

When the markets panic, like they did on Monday, ignore it. Do this instead…

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I turned off my trading platform at 9:45 a.m., Monday morning.

Investors were panic buying stocks.

Moderna Inc. (Nasdaq: MRNA) said it is making headway testing its coronavirus treatment.

But it was a different drug provider that caused the market to soar. The S&P 500 Index, an index of 500 large-cap stocks, jumped 3.5%.

The Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, promised the central bank could inject more juice into asset markets. I’m talking about America’s central bank, which has been providing an artificial kick — in the form of trillions of dollars — to markets since 2008.

It started during the financial crisis, and investors came to depend on this boost along the way to record highs earlier this year.

They reacted in typical fashion when the market opened on Monday.

The bottom line is … stocks went up and investors were in a frenzy.

I was short the market, betting that stocks will fall. And my quote screens were greener than my lawn. Green tells us stocks are going up.

Oh well. Not the way I wanted to start the week.

So, rather than rationalize why I should fight the Fed and sky-high sentiment, I mowed the grass instead.

I returned a couple hours later to an article with the following chart…

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White House Memo Could Help Send This on a 22,540% Growth Surge

When the White House pushed its “energy dominance” doctrine, promising a “Golden Era of American Energy”…

Denver-based Whiting Petroleum jumped 178%, HollyFrontier Corporation tripled and Texas company Jones Energy jumped 320%.

When the government declared: “We will begin to revive and expand our nuclear energy sector…”

Shares of both International Isotopes and Lightbridge Corporation bounced more than 75% in a few months, and U.S. Nuclear Corporation returned 1,639%.

And on February 16, 2017, Resolution 38 was signed in support of the coal industry.

NACCO Industries – the public holding company for the North American Coal Corporation – responded with a 223% gain.

As you can see, the U.S. government has a long track record of triggering massive gains. Now a controversial new video reveals the White House’s newest priority – to roll out a radical technology.

On page 1 of a recent, official government memorandum, it states that “America must be first” in launching this innovation. One that Bloomberg confirms will “transform the way we live and work … and add trillions of dollars to the global economy every year.” And that experts are calling the “next big thing.”

In this special video presentation, you’ll find out why this technology could be the greatest stock market story of the decade.

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