Does This Little-Known iPhone Chip Confirm “Apple-Fi?”

Could your existing iPhone already be set up for “Apple-Fi” and just be waiting for a signal from space?

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Could your existing iPhone already be set up for Apple-Fi and just be waiting for a signal from space?

Earlier this year, a small space startup called Lynk used a satellite to send text messages to an unmodified Android phone.

Lynk was able to support a slow connection to the International Space Station using standard hardware you might find in any current smartphone.

So what about Apple? What if Apple already quietly added a capacity not for slow but for fast broadband from space to its existing phones?

The iPhone 11, released last year, supports a new frequency known as Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS).

The CBRS standard allows for people to create the equivalent of a private LTE cellphone network. Wireless telcos could also use it as part of 5G. CBRS is billed as faster than Wi-Fi, a fast frequency capable of enabling broadband-like speeds between 100Mbps–1Gbps.

That’s fast!

And it makes you wonder what they’re up to…

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Expert Who Predicted 5G Makes Shocking New Prediction – “Apple-Fi” is Coming

Dear Reader,

By now you’ve heard the hype about 5G…

CNN says 5G will be “the lifeblood of the new economy.”

The Wall Street Journal declares its impact will be “felt around the world.”

Even President Trump says 5G “will transform the way our citizens will work, learn, communicate, and travel.”

It seems just about everywhere you go these days, you hear about 5G stocks…

Every analyst out there seems to be a self-proclaimed 5G expert, touting the “best 5G stocks for 2020…”

I’m not here to do that.

Instead, as someone who’s been following 5G since the very beginning (I predicted it back in 2011)…

I’m here to share the hard truth about 5G you won’t hear elsewhere.

In short, 5G is NOT the future… in fact, it could soon be made obsolete.

And when that happens, it could be replaced by a much, much bigger new technology…

It's called “Apple-Fi” and could change how you use the internet for good.

Click here to see what I mean.


Matt Insley,
Publisher, St. Paul Research

P.S. The biggest fortunes will NOT be made by investing in 5G…

Instead, it’ll be made from this breakthrough new technology.

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